Leslie Lane Llamas
About us

HI, we are the Leslie's.  We started our llama adventure in Canton, Ohio in 2000, when we purchased our first two llamas as 4H pets for our daughters, Nicole and Anna.  Since then we have moved to Texas and our herd has grown to over 60 llamas.  

We focus on confirmation, fiber and personality in our breeding program.
We breed light, medium, heavy and suri fibered llamas.
  We train llamas in performance, and have several of them with Grand Champion Performance awards.  We train llamas to be used with our 4H students as well.

Susan and Anna are the ones who are mainly responsible for the breeding, showing, training and shearing of the llamas, as well as the day to day feeding, cleaning and training.

Ray is the man behind us that keep things going behind the scenes, every time we have a fencing issue, or we take off for another show. He is  the one who holds the fort down while we are gone.  Without him, we could not do all that we do.

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